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Watching For Winkles

Released in 2019

Watching For Winkles CD cover
Fair Rosamund
Say It Was Only a Dream
I Do Like a Bit of Fried Fish
The Brown Girl
Why Did I Ask Him to Tea?
The Moon and St. Christopher
Crafty Ladies
The Two Brothers
I Will Give My Love an Apple
Brighton Belle
Hertfortshire Lullaby

Far Distant Stars

Far Distant Stars CD cover
Poor Murdered Woman
Stress Incontinence
How the Cold Wind Do Blow
He Went for a Soldier
Trolley Dating
Sheep Crook and Black Dog
Song For Tom
I Must and I Will Get Married
Mr and Mrs Smith
Iron Angels

Tickled Pink(2010)

Tickled Pink CD cover
Bonny George Campbell
Oxfam Girls
Back in the Game
Distant Rumblings
Small Fish
The Smear Test
Green Grows the Laurel
The Wife of Ushers Well
The Black Ship
Braw Sailing
The Sweetman

September Days (2007)

September Days CD cover
The Collier Laddie
Whitsuntide Carol
Where is my Boy Tonight?
Lovely Susan the Milkmaid
Reres Hill
September Days
The Bonny Irish Maid
Lament of the Flither Girls

The Moon Shines Bright (2005)

The Moon Shines Bright CD cover
Autumn Is Down (Pat Turner)
There'll Never Be Peace Until Jamie Comes Home (Burns)
Where The Seeds Of Love Grew (Keith Scowcroft / Lynne Heraud)
Cupids Garden (Trad)
Man In Grey (Pat Turner)
Fair Maid Of Islington (Trad)
Regret (Lynne Heraud)
The Golden Wheat (Trad / Sanhow)
Spanish Dancer (Aptti Scialfa)
My Bonnie Bonnie Boy (Trad)
Bright Fine Gold (Trad)
Bonnie Labouring Boy (Trad)
No More (Brenda Orrell)
I Just Want To Be Like The Other Girls (Lynne Heraud)

Parallel (2003)

Parallel CD cover
May Carol
The Sheep Are Neath The Snow
In The Gloaming
Affair On 8th Ave
Poor Lonely Widow
John Reilly
Get Away Old Man
I Wish I Wish
Sheep Stealer

Lynne Heraud with Keith Kendrick - Stars in my Crown (2000)

Stars In My Crown CD cover
The Poor And Honest Soldier
Awake, Awake (New Years Carol)
The Miller And The Lass
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?
The Happy Man
Bird In A Cage
Lord Gregory
The Builders
A Passionate Shepherd To His Love
The Leaves Of Life (Seven Virgins)
A Sailor Likes His Bottle-O
One Starry Night
Love Is Come Again
Love Farewell

Song Books

Wind and Water - The Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner Song Book

song book


Autumn Is Down
The Harper
I Just Want To Be Like The Other Girls
Off For The Op
In Praise Of The Menopause
Regret, Odd Sock
Man In Grey
Where The Seeds Of Love Grew
One A Day, Seven Long ears
The Working Man (Builders' Bums)

Grown Up Ballads - Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Grown Up Ballads


Back in the Game
The Black Ship
Changing in the Car
Distant Rumblings
Farewell to Friends
Hunting the Mole
Lament of the Flither Girls
Life on the Internet
Oxfam Girls
Small Fish
The Smear Test
The sweet Man
The Throcking Mop Dance
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